I met Rodie at the gym during my training session with one of his students. That day, Rodie introduced me to the chicken wings and invisible shoulder press workout. Funny names rights?… trust me: they were killer exercises; I was not able to lift my arms within less than 5min. I didn’t know what happened, but I knew right away that I want more from this guy.

Today, I have been training with Rodie for one year now. My first session was at 6 AM, on January 2nd, 2020. That day, we made few vows:

– Warm up before my session, the warmup is not part of the workout

– If I commit and show up every week, I will be pleased by an amazing progress (physically and mentally)

– I will find myself thirsty for more and more progress, and my goals will get bigger and bigger every time

– I should not be discouraged by failure: failures and mistakes are the fuel of success

– The workout will never get easy, Rodie’s motto is “workout like your life depends on it” – you will learn to enjoy the push, and more importantly, you will be always more than ready when needed.

– A clear mind and a resilient heart make a sturdy honorable person

Now after a year, I can reliably confirm that I exceeded by far my wildest expectations. I never been stronger physically and mentally. Most importantly, I am more confident in my abilities and ready to go out of my comfort zone whenever I decide to – something that I couldn’t dream of before. I have had coaches in the past, but what made the difference with Rodie is the personal relationship that he developed with me. We become brothers from another mother (like he describes it). Rodie took the time and the energy to listen to me and understand my goals, my struggles, my weakness, and my strengths. It didn’t take long for him to gain my full trust (something that I struggle with a lot), and he didn’t disappoint. Not only, he was the wise and comforting person that I looked up to, but he almost always finds the solution to any problems I have “It is not for nothing that Rodie is known as the witch doctor”. Weather you have new fitness goal, a back pain, sore muscles, dislocated shoulder, emotional scares, communication problem, or literally almost anything, Rodie always has the remedy for you.

I am not alone in admiring Rodie and testifying to his incredible work. I had the pleasure to meet many of his clients, and I can fairly say that Rodie is like a magnet of wonderful people. Either, he shapes all his clients to wonderful, successful, full of potential and humility kind of people, or he simply appeals to only excellent decent people. You will be lucky to have him as your coach. He is the center of a large San Diego community that is positively affected by him in one way or another. When you meet one of his clients, you fast detect the exceptional amount of love, strength, and good vibes. For example, I had the chance to participate in his yearly care packages for san Diego homeless Christmas give away (one of the many good deeds that Rodie runs). I have witnessed many highly successful people waking up early morning on Christmas day and competing to help and assist Rodie in bringing some joy to the homeless during Christmas day. At the end of the day, Rodie showed me the real meaning of “it’s better to give than to receive”.

Beside his outstanding and unique personality, Rodie is a coach like no other coach. His fitness knowledge is unlimited, I have witnessed every single coach and professional athlete at my gym consulting and requesting advise from him. My workouts with him were and are always challenging, new, fun, and personalized. Rodie has unlimited energy, don’t think you are young and fit, Rodie will beat your regular push-ups with one hand push-ups anytime anywhere. He will also assist you in your workout to deliver the 110%. Going to muscles failure is almost a routine when you work out with Rodie. He has his way to make you not stop and achieve what you thought you couldn’t do (see note below). Every workout session with Rodie is a unique session by itself. Being able to survive and finish his workouts made other workouts look like a piece of cake.

In one sentence, I am so thankful, lucky, and happy that I met Rodie, and that I had the wonderful opportunity to be one of his students. For you reader: if you ever have the lucky chance to workout with Rodie, you will witness first hand and you will be amazingly surprised how he will succeed to lift you up and improve your life whether you think you need it or not.

For you Rodie, I trust you, I love you, and I thank you from the deepest side of my heart.

Your brother from another mother


PS: beware, never say I can’t do it to Rodie, otherwise it is a leg kick, and trust me, you don’t want a leg kick.

Rodie has taken me to levels of fitness that I never thought could be possible in this life, all in a matter of 12 months. What makes him so good? His incredible sense of understanding people, his vast experience of working with people across genders, age groups, professions, and motivations. When I began training with him, he took time to understand my challenge and motivations, and helped me make lifestyle changes that support my physical and mental fitness goals. His methods are somewhat non-traditional yet highly effective. From doing 700 pushups in a two-hour session, to getting leg kicks every week, I have come a long way with him. What makes him unique is his knowledge of recovery and strength building techniques. He knows all the right buttons in the body and saves me a lot of trips to my chiropractor. He has helped me achieve some major goals and come up with new ones. Whatever your fitness goals are, I can bet you with a million dollars he can help you achieve those.

– Rahul

I have known and worked with Rodie for approximately 5 years now and he is nothing short of exceptional and a consummate specialist. As a professional athlete, I have turned to Rodie for my active release therapy as well as specified training for the sport of mixed martial marts. Rodie is by far one of the most elite in his field and is highly recommended amongst world class athletes and high level competitors. I am thankful for the time he spends with us professional fighter, from home visits, traveling across the globe on the drop of a dime, and always being available for the Fight Community. Never ceases to amaze me 🙏 #TheWitchDoctor #DoneGym

– Joe

Hi. My name is Cynthia Thomas. I started working with Rodie at the Done Gym originally back in 2016. When I first started out I was so pumped and ready to go to start making a change and started seeing immediate results with sticking to the exercise and diet plan. Unfortunately my heart and mind were not all the way in it and I began to pack on the pounds again and eventually ended up well over my initial starting weight. That continued for a couple of years along with alcohol addiction which just continued to add on the pounds. At the end of 2019 I was tipping the scale at 272 lbs. That was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life. Not only was I extremely overweight but I had started to develop onset diabetes and was now on medication for high blood pressure. Something clicked in my mind that it was life or death and I chose life. I cut out the alcohol completely by going to rehab. I gave my life completely to the Lord and told him if he could help me change my mind in regards to my health I would be in it for life. So that’s when the change happened. Just by cutting out the alcohol I immediately saw a difference on the scale and more importantly in my mood and energy level. The exercise became easier because it was something that I enjoyed doing and I felt the difference in my mind body and soul. Now here we are January of 2021 and I am down to 190 and feel absolutely amazing. The process is still ongoing but the shift in mindset has remained. Health is wealth! And I have gained my wealth back by taking charge of my health. And I have muscles LOL.

First of all, I’m one of the biggest skeptics out there when it comes to things that sound “too good to be true.” I’ve had a bad knee since college (dealing with pain, swelling and popping for 10 years sucks). I’ve had 4 total surgeries on one knee, 2 major ACL/meniscus tears, a tibia plateau fracture, a knee scope and all of that resulted in Kaiser telling me that I was partial bone on bone, that I have an arthritic knee and that they couldn’t do anything else to help me. They basically said stop running, working out, and doing the things you love. I’d always tried to tough it out because if my knee was going to hurt I might as well have the rest of my body feel good after exercising.

I first heard about Rodie through one of the awesome trainers, Raul Reyes, at the Boxing Club. He said Rodie was a “Witch Dr” who’s helped numerous athletes recover from devastating injuries. I blew off Raul’s advice for a while to meet Rodie until my knee got so bad that it was hurting just walking around the office and getting out of bed that week. I called Rodie, told him some of my symptoms and we set an appointment for a consultation.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, hands down! Rodie had a unique way of repairing some of the clicking/popping issues I had going on in my knee (lots of pain at the moment he does it, followed by a “too good to be true” feeling of relief, lightness, and fluidity). He also tells you straight up about the areas you need to improve (my right leg was way weaker than my left from years of babying it) and how to go about doing it. Rodie really has a gift for healing and my knee feels WAY better than before I first started treatment with him. I really did feel a hopelessness with that knee and he blew my expectations out of the water. I wish I had reached out to him or been introduced to him sooner.

Also, as you get to know Rodie, he has a ton of wisdom outside the traditional health benefits of whatever’s bugging you (he does more than knees). He also has a lot of very practical and helpful life advice on life philosophy, diet, exercise, sales (my profession), etc. He has a no-nonsense approach and it’s one that you have to work at, but literally results are up to you if you listen to what Rodie tells you and put in the work.

Rodie is an awesome guy and I can’t recommend him strongly enough!


Rodie is an excellent trainer! I first came to him a month and a half before my wedding and in that little bit of time he helped me get stronger, leaner and fine-tune my eating habits. With his help, I was able to gain muscle for my wedding and look my best. Rodie would push me to my limits and by the time we would finish working out I was dripping in sweat. Rodie really knows his craft, and is an excellent motivator. He is very passionate about his work and it shows! Rodie is an amazing trainer for anyone looking to get fit, lose weight and live healthier.

– Sabrina Valenzuela

Tengo casi cuatro años haciendo fisioterapia con Rodie. MMA es un deporte muy exigente físicamente, especialmente durante el campamento para mis peleas. Durante este tiempo, pongo mi cuerpo a través de más de lo que otros pasan en la vida. Rodie siempre está ahí para mí, ya sea por un simple ajuste o para arreglar mi cuerpo de una lesión. ¡Una sesión es todo lo que necesito! Lo agradezco mucho porque por el, mi cuerpo está al cien el día de mi pelea!

– Paulina Granados

I starting working with Rodie around 4 months ago after suffering from chronic lower back pain (L5/S1 disc) for over a decade. In 2008 I was diagnosed with a disc herniation & was supposed to have back surgery, but decided against it. In the years that followed, I spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic care, ART, acupuncture & physical therapy on my spine, with varied results & constant dull back pain waking up & moving around.

Now in my 40’s, I have been actively competing at multiple sports since I was 8 years old, so my body has taken a battering! After getting involved in Muay Thai 18 years ago & more recently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA, I put my body through its paces very regularly.

Rodie was recommended to me by another trainer I work with & I decided to give him a try. Initially, the ART sessions were brutal. Knocking off years of unwanted muscle barnacles is painful, but, after about 2 or 3 weeks of sessions & stretching, the results were amazing!

Our work got me focus on my core (despite thinking I was training it, I honestly was just working out my back). We focused on constant core awareness & engagement. We worked on heavy ART in my hamstring area & feet, as I also suffer from plantar fasciitis, caused by running. Now, about 3 or 4 months in, my back has never been better & my hamstrings have not been this supple in decades!

So, in summary, Rodie is always prompt, always polite, always professional & works around your schedule, even co